Tina's Hydrangeas; 2018; oil/canvas; 30x30" (Private Collection)
  Clematis; 2019; oil/canvas; 30x24” (Private Collection)  In our back garden the delicate color and scent of these springtime petals create a fragrant floral cascade.
  Forsythia & Teacups; 2019; oil/canvas; 30x30”  Vessels and vibrant branches of springtime splendor .
Moonlit Magnolias; 2018; oil/canvas; 30x30"
Blue Magnolias; 2018; oil/ canvas; 24x30"
Hydrangeas & Honeydew; 2017; oil/canvas; 16x20" (Private Collection)
Anemonies; 2018; oil/ canvas; 16x20" (Private Collection)
Black Orchid; 2018; oil/ canvas; 24x18"
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